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Sunday, August 4, 2013

YouData: Get Paid Weekly via Paypal for Looking at Ads

YouData is an opportunity for you to cash in on the billions of dollars per year that advertisers spend trying to get your attention. YouData allows you to watch ads and get a piece of the advertising pie usually reserved for television and radio stations, magazines, billboards, and other owners of traditional advertising space. I have been a member of YouData for years and while I will admit, I have not made a ton of money with it, I love that I can actually get paid for my time watching ads and that they pay every Friday--without fail--via Paypal with no minimum. There are a lot of similar programs online that pay you to watch or click on ads, but most of them have a minimum payout, not YouData. So if you want to start cashing in on advertisers billions, check out this page to learn more.

How to Get Paid with YouData
In order to start getting paid, you first need to sign-up! You can get a YouData account by going here.

Once you have signed up, you will fill out what is called your "me file" it is basically your demographic info as well as your interests so that advertisers can start sending you ads that are directly targeted towards you. The me file allows the process to be a "win-win"--you get paid to watch advertisements that will interest you and advertisers know their ads are going to consumers that may actually go on to buy or utilize their product.

YouData used to have their own special adget that you could reach via their website or download to your desktop to watch ads. Ads were typically 5 cents to watch and then another 5 cents to click. However, they are currently updating their program to use what is called Sponster. It has not yet launched, so I do not know exactly how it will work, but as soon as it launches, I will update this site to inform you.

As I have said, I have been a member of YouData for many years and have found them to be reliable and honest. Therefore, I have faith that when Sponster launches it will not only be effective but continue YouData's history of being a great way to earn extra cash.

You will also make money by referring new members and earn cash for each ad your referral watches.

As I've previously mentioned, one of the best things about YouData is that there is no minimum balance needed in your account to get paid. Everyone is paid every Friday via Paypal. That being said, there is a Paypal fee and I have found that I prefer to let my balance get a bit higher so that I am only paying the fee once every few weeks or months rather than every week. You will have to decide for yourself what makes sense for you. If you want to let your balance accrue, simply remove your Paypal e-mail address from your account and add it back whichever week you want to get paid.

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